Den 7. december kan du komme til masterclass på engelsk med musikskaber og Ableton-ekspert Rasmus Kjærbo fra Rumkraft: “Make your own Custom Interface Controller”.

Free masterclass in English on December 7th in Copenhagen with Rasmus Kjærbo from Rumkraft. More info – in English – below. Want to join? Sign up by sending an e-mail to

Netværket Electronic Knowledge Hub, Elektronisk Musik Danmark og DJBFA for Koda Kultur præsenterer en unik masterclass med Ableton-certificerede Rasmus Kjærbo fra den elektroniske musikskole Rumkraft.

Masterclassen er på engelsk. Derfor er nedenstående information også på engelsk.


Make your own MIDI or OSC controller. Use a smartphone or tablet to extend control of your live set and studio setup. With applications such as TouchOSC and Lemur you can quickly transform a tablet or smartphone into an advanced (or simple) remote control that can control any application that understands MIDI or OSC.

No experience with MIDI, OSC or mapping is required to participate. Just the desire to learn something new. If you want to build your own controller along the way, bring a tablet or smartphone (Android / iOS) as well as a computer with a DAW or other program that is compatible with MIDI or OSC.

Rasmus goes through the smartest way to get started and makes sure that everyone who wants to build along the way can join.


Rasmus Kjærbo is Northern Europes first Ableton Certified Trainer and founder of Rumkraft, the electronic music school. A strong proponent of honest and respectful education, Rasmus Kjærbo has taught and organized workshops and classes for thousands of people around the world – teaching toddlers, kids, youngsters and adults how to embrace and liberate their inner (sound) artist.

Rasmus sports a colourful academic cloak weaved in biomedicine, neuroscience, music production, and sound software and hardware development. If not releasing meditation and yoga music with the duo Ombience on Sony Music Entertainment, you can find him DJing or producing underground jungle, dubstep, and dnb.

He’s been pushing raves for over a decade and DJed around the world. He’s helped countless acts, from local heroes to international stars with their performances and live shows.


Arrangementet er gratis og åbent for alle interesserede medlemmer af Koda.

Hvad: Electronic Knowledge Hub: Rasmus Kjærbo masterclass: Make your own Custom Interface Controller
Hvornår: Tirsdag den 7. december 2021 kl. 19.00-22.00.
Hvor: Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5, 2200 København N.

Tilmelding: Skriv dit fulde navn og tilmeld dig ved at sende en mail til netværkets leder, Kianoush Yazdanyar, på

Elektronisk Musik Danmark har et “No show”-fee på 300 kr. Der er plads til max. 50 personer fysisk til arrangementet.

NB. Vi anbefaler, at alle deltagere har gyldigt coronapas.

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